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Kit DesLauriers

In the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were looking for inspiration for our team that would resonate in their day to day lives and careers - and KIT DELIVERED! Her story of the essential nature of communications, systems, practice, and risk/risk-reward management were all incredibly applicable to our people and their businesses. I would encourage any organization looking to take their people to the next level to have Kit share her experience.

-mark garrett, executive chairman, moors & cabot

What Kit Can Bring to Your Event

Balance your audience on a thrilling knife edge and encourage human achievement through a natural storyteller who brings genuine warmth, wit, and amazing stories of ski mountaineering adventures relatable to anyone.

Kit’s keynotes stimulate your audience while transporting them to places like the Seven Summits, Alaska’s Arctic or even her home mountain range of the Tetons. Expect beautiful photos and engaging short videos that will drop you into the reality of ski mountaineering and adventure travel while inspiring greatness across disciplines and interests.

Vivid Imagery

Satisfied Audiences

Help your audience balance the demands of risk and reward while banishing unnecessary fear. Listeners routinely report that Kit’s keynotes leave them inspired to tackle big projects and reach for higher goals.

Kit has spoken to gatherings large and small of CEOs, businesspeople, academics, risk-managers, adventure-seekers, and more.

Kit DesLauriers


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